Agadir, the City of Smiles.

    Situated at the foot of the Anti-Atlas Mountains and looking over the Atlantic Ocean, Agadir is perhaps the nicest and most popular seaside resort in Morocco. Rebuilt in the late 20th century after the 1960 earthquake, it is presently a thoroughly modern and dynamic city and has the feel of a European sea resort fully equipped with beautiful international class "A" hotels with modern amenities; it is a great place to get away from the crowded cities of Europe.

    The coast of Agadir is one of the safest for swimming and water sports in Morocco. The city is sheltered in an exceptional site and has the particularity of enjoying a moderate climate which makes its year-round sunshine the biggest attraction for foreign visitors and locals alike.

    Agadir has developed into an important commercial and fishing port and is famous for its abundance of fish and mainly sardines (the first sardine port in the world). It is the ideal destination for visitors seeking different sports activities such as windsurfing, horseback riding, tennis and golfing; and for the more relaxed vacationers, there is a lot to see and do in and around the city, being the starting point for countless discoveries such as the visits of the rich backcountry and the adventures of the Big South.

City highlights:

  • The Souk: The Souk is the best place to shop for presents and souvenirs.
  • The port: A place worth visiting
  • The Marina: Very modern and clean, fascinating and deserves a visit.
  • Agadir Amazigh Museum Municipal: Exhibits a collection of Berber objects from the 18th and 19th century such as Berber Jewelry, old Berber music instruments, ancient manuscripts, and traditional apparel.
  • Surrounding highlights:
  • Taghazout: A romantic little fishing village on the Atlantic coast of Morocco. Only 20 km north of Agadir; this Village is known as the surfing paradise of Morocco with pristine beaches that stretch far outside of the tourist stronghold. Taghazout has the best beaches of Agadir and Morocco. On this Atlantic coastline, the weather is sun-blessed all year round but the winter months can bring cool conditions. The region of Taghazout has over 330 sunny days each year which makes it the ideal winter getaway.
  • Imouzzer: Great place for a day trip to relax and enjoy the spectacular outdoors. The beautiful drive through the gorges of Paradise Valley will put you in Imouzzer where you lunch and enjoy the magnificent and panoramic view of the mountains.
  • Tafraout: A scenic trip southwest of Agadir allows you to explore the hidden treasures of the Anti Atlas Mountains; this trip is a must.
  • Taroudant: 80 km west of Agadir, a delightful, elegant walled town with lively souks.
  • Essaouira: A very interesting, charming, and laid-back artists' colony. A day trip to this picturesque walled city will allow you to enjoy among other things, the medina where the local craftsmen make traditional Thuya wooden objects, jewelry, and other handicrafts and feast on the freshest seafood.

    Agadir is also the best destination to head to during the cold months due to its mild climate adequate for hitting the beaches to catch the soft and pleasant winter sun. The locals are known for their hospitality and care and you would surely find yourselves wanting to come back to enjoy the city time and time again.

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